Thursday, June 01, 2006

Class 14 Agenda: But How Do You Measure It? Seeking the Holy Grail of ROI for WOM Programs

14; But How Do You Measure It?
Seeking the Holy Grail of ROI for WOM Programs (Thursday)

Learning Objective(s):
· Measure and track ROI and other key outcome metrics for organized WOM programs.

Readings for This Class:
· The One Number You Need to Grow. Frederick Reicheld. Harvard Business Review. 2003. Pages 1-10. (Bb).
· London School of Economics. Advocacy Drives Growth. Brand Strategy. 2005. (Bb)
· Suggested Reading: Firm-Created Word-of-Mouth Communication: A Field-Based Quasi-Experiment. David Godes & Dina Mayzlin. 2004. HBS Marketing Research Papers No. 04-03. (Bb)
· Suggested Reading: A 10 Point Road Map to Planning and Measuring the ROI of WOM. Lauent Florès. 2005. Pages 113-122. (Bb)
· Suggested Reading: The ROI of WOM. Jeff Eisenberg. 2005. Pages 93-99. (Bb)
· Suggested Reading: Wharton School Publishing BzzCampaign. BzzAgent. 2005. Pages 1-4. (Bb)

· PPT: It’s the ROI Stupid! Emerging Metrics for WOM & CGM
· Group work on consulting project
· Mid-term feedback

· Ask students to reflect on the outcome metrics that were used in the program they evaluated for the first main project.
· Brainstorming Ideas for DOWOMP Project: How would the company you analyzed build a program around the client problem? If the client went to that company, what do you think that company would have done?
· Two-minute Paper Activity for Midterm Feedback

To Do (for next class):
· Readings:

o The use of the Internet in negative consumer-to-consumer articulations. Ainsworth Anthony Bailey. 2004. Pages 1-15. (Bb)
o Chapter 13: Blogging in a Crises. Robert Scoble & Shel Israel. 2006. Pages 197-208. (NC)
o Suggested Reading: Chapter 7: The Weird Value of Negativity. Dave Balter & John Butman. 2005. Pages 141-164. (Bb)

o DOWOMP: Provide update to the client on your area of focus.


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