Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Class 24 Agenda: WOM Program Presentations to Client – Day 2 (Tuesday)

24; WOM Program Presentations to Client – Day 2 (Tuesday)

Learning Objective(s):
· To display knowledge of how WOMM principles can be leveraged in an organized WOMM program design
· To apply persuasive speaking skills when presenting to a client

· Client Presentations

· Client Presentations (Alumni)
· Alumni Group 1
· Alumni Group 2

To Do (for next class):
· Bring in peer review sheets and hand them in individually.
· We’ll spend the first part of class reflecting on the presentations and then the second part discussing ethics.
· Readings:
· Sales Pitch Society II. Kate Kaye. 2006. Pages 1-42. (Bb)
· To Tell or Not to Tell?. Walter Carl. 2006. Pages 1-24. (Bb)
· Suggested Reading: Live Buzz Marketing. Justin Foxton. 2006. Pages 24-46. (CM)
· Suggested Reading: Stealth Marketing: How To Reach Consumers Surreptitiously. Andrew M. Kaikati and Jack G. Kaikati. 2004. California Management Review, 46(4), pp. 6-22. (Bb)


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