Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Marketing Project Reflection

Today our class finished our client presentations for our athletics and alumni wom marketing campaigns. Watching the two alumni groups present today, I realized how much we all learned from this class. If I had been presented with the problems that the athletics department and alumni department came to us with, and was asked to create a solution, I would have taken a completely different approach. Probably something considered more traditional advertising. Or else, I would have been just completely overwhelmed and would have had no idea how to begin. However, with this class almost behind me, I (and my classmates) have such a handle on contemporary marketing (specifically word of mouth).

It was so interesting to watch the presentations today. Both groups were presented with the same problem to solve. And the presentations portrayed the learning that took place in the classroom this summer semester. Each group approached the problem from a completely different angle. I knew both projects would be different, but I also expected blatant similarities. But both groups' ideas and presentations were so diverse in their approach. After the first presentation, I thought, "That is a great idea. I'm sure the next group will do something along the same lines." However, the second group came from a totally different angle. Yet both ideas were interesting and impressive.

I think that this shows how much we learned. We learned enough to cover completely different ground with the same problem. The alumni department could hypothetically fuse both ideas and use them both, because they were so different. Both groups leveraged different wom principles. We all learned enough to pick what we think is the most important and most effective.

Further, I think this project showed us all how complex a marketing campaign is. Our group was overwhelmed with research and questions, but we pulled it together and found what we needed to make a successful campaign and presentation. This project (though a burden at times) has proven to be a valuable lesson, as well as a measurement of the amount we learned. I'm glad it is over, not only because my stress can return to normal, but because I finally got to see the finished product from the other groups. Now I can't wait to see what the other athletics group did!


towey said...

I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed this project! I thought it was interesting to take on a real client and a real issue, and one that we have a connection with and figure out how to make it better. It was cool to take all of the information that we have learned throughout this semester and apply it to a case. It was very effective in putting everything together.

Also, I really liked seeing the different groups present and what angles of WOM each of them took on. After talking a bit with the other Athletics group, there were a few similar themes with our ideas, but they were brought out very differently! Although, I would have liked to have seen their actual presentation and what they did differently!

couture said...

I agree with you Towey, I really wish we could have seen the ideas the other athletic group came up with. Although I've heard bits and pieces of their ideas i would really enjoy the opportunity to see how they presented their program. I know we are going to get to see the ideas/proposal the other athletic group came up with but it would have been interesting to see how they presented to the clients, what questions the clients had for them, etc.

One thing that struck me as peculiar was when the clients compared the two athletic presentations at the end and said one was old school train of thought where one was new school. I was not offended at all by this comment, however i feel that word of mouth is such an up and comming field that all of the principles are somewhat "new school". Did anyone else who saw the two different athletic presentations get that impression?

somerso said...

As a member of one of the alumni groups, thanks for the comments...I really enjoyed being able to put into practice everything we've been learning about this summester (though I think we've all felt the stress trying to get it all done). I think personally, this project really helped me since I'm planning on heading into the field of marketing and even with my previous co-op experience, my head was stuck in more traditional ideas. This project really made me think outside of those traditional barriers and I think my group did a really good job of finding the power in WOM and using it to our advantage in the program we proposed. I do not know what the other Alumni group did, though I'm sure it was impressive, but it just goes to show you how diverse and unique WOM is where I think traditional marketing (though there are unique circumstances) tends to be more monotonous (but this could also be due to the overuse and long time applications)...Job well done to all the groups..we pulled it off!

Hillary said...

I agree with everyone in that we have learned an incredible amount since the beginning of this course! This project definately exemplifies that fact. I have to be honest and say that when I read the syllabus I had no idea why we were being asked to study a company's WOM program and present it and THEN go on to make our own WOM program for a client. I didn't even really understand how the two projects would be different from each other. That is how much I learned!

The first project was great in the sense that we learned how things were done in the WOM world (which we all know now is a completely different world than what we all know as traditional advertising).
But the second project kind of wrapped it all up for me and helped me make sense of everything we had learned. My group was not too thrilled when we first started the project, yet by the end and especially when we presented, I think we rose to the occasion and realized how much we actually did know. I think it came as a little bit of a surprise to ourselves even hah!

In conclusion, this project was a great way to apply what we know and I definately think we have all demonstrated great growth throughout the course!

towey said...

I also wanted to respond to what couture said... as I briefly mentioned in class, I was also surprised by the fact that the athletics clients said that our approach was more "traditional." I agree that in general, I saw WOM as a progressive way to market anything. I felt that our use of technology was brought together well with creating a closer community and I suppose the community piece could be seen as traditional...

lsolomon said...

Perhaps what the clients meant by calling one the first athletics group more traditional was that the WOM techniques that you were applying were more old school, not the WOM itself, considering we do all know that WOM is fairly new. Maybe they just heard of other WOMM campaigns and compared them to what they saw. Also, they could have just been looking for something to say, and considering the second athletics group used newer technology in their approaches, they just decided on "old school" technology and "new school" technology.

FrankBenway said...

With respect to the whole 'old school' - 'new school' debate regarding the Athletics propsals, I think it's important to note that this distinction points out how starkly unique both proposals were. The Athletics 1 Group should certainly take no offense to the 'old school' comment. Having seen both of these presentations, I feel it was just meant to illustrate how their proposal utilized more traditional Word of Mouth tactics, while the second presntation utilized more 'Outside the box' thinking with a much more techno-centric proposal. I feel this disctinction will be cleared up in class tomorrow when the competing teams have the opportunity to present their proposals to each other.

DietPepsi said...

A day after receiving our only "decent" grade, I still feel that this assignment was creative and something that I don't regret taking part in (even after the immense amount of time and the lack of grade to show for it). However, with that said, the disappointment which surrounded my group yesterday after hearing the client and class members feedback was frustrating. It’s not that I’m angry, it’s more the feeling of frustration in that I don’t feel people understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish. I have learned that even though things at times can seem so obvious and easy to you, others may not see where you are coming from in the least bit. Not to say they are ignorant by any means, but rather by being the creator of an idea, you tend to comprehend it far better than others may be able to. I realize certain parts of our programs may not have been as “tied down” or “accessible” as they perhaps should have been, yet I am confident in saying that our main idea would have been successful. It bothers me that people looking at our campaign could not see the correlation between the Stetson West environment, and Parsons Field community.