Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Singularly Bad Cell Phone Service

--> Cell phone companies. T-Mobile. Alltel. Verizon. . . Cingular- "raising the bar" with the "fewest dropped calls". A short while ago, I used to be a Cingular customer. When I signed up I chose a two year contract. Worst two years ever. Two years bound to a pain inflicting company. Cingular may not drop your calls, but they sure do charge for roaming. I would rather have my call dropped and know that I had no service, than get charged $300 every month for roaming. And if I began roaming while I talking on my cell, there was no kind of warning system. No beeping or blinking of any kind to warn me to hang up because of astronomical charges quickly accruing on my account. I would unknowingly talk and roam everyday. And pay for it.
Furthermore, I would roam in places that should have gotten adequate service. I mean, this is Boston, a metropolitan city. Not middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin cow fields.

And as for this so-called bar that is being raised- I do not think it is being raised above and beyond to superior service. But rather, it is slowly being raised to where service should have been to begin with. In my own apartment, my phone would rotate between one bar and no service. Cingular should work on raising that one bar I had, to five whole bars- full service. Once they accomplish the task of literally raising customer's bars, they can use the slogan "raising the bar" and mean it.

Now that my two years are over, I have Verizon. I get service everywhere. Moreover, Verizon has no roaming. And since I've had Verizon, none of my calls have been dropped.
And that's not gossip, it's fact.


towey said...

I have to agree! I am currently a Nextel customer and I have never been happy with my cell phone service. This December my contract runs up and I cannot wait to change!

I have had several similar problems such as not receiving service in my apartment. There have been many instances where I have been sitting on my bed, talking on the phone and all of the sudden I go from full service, to no service and my call gets dropped.

Also, something that makes me crazy... I never receive my text messages on time. I usually receive them an hour or two after they were sent, if I receive them at all.

December is slowing approaching and I can't wait to change! I am also looking into joining the Verizon network. From what I have been able to see from friends of mine, the calls are clear, always have service, and always receive their text messages! Verizon seems to be spreading great WOM while backing up their product.

NUlax17 said...

I've had Verizon for 2 years after switching from AT&T service. I also agree that Verizon is a much better upgrade with their mobile to mobile and coast to coast no roaming offerings. Unlimited text messaging and other options are also relatively inexpensive.

I think that T-Mobile and the Nextel walkie talkie, and Alltel have excellent ideas, but poor follow through. Alltel specifically has a great idea with picking your network. I talk to a lot of people that don't have verizon and often use up my alotted minutes quickly if I don't watch it. My plan fits my budget, but I would love it if verizon would let me pick certain people I could talk to without using my anytime minutes... even if it was for a small fee and not for everyone with another service but only a few people here and there. The service otherwise, is great.

Sapphiregurl said...

I've been a Verizon customer since I was a freshman in college, and I have to say, although Verizon is very expensive, they do do a good job of making sure that their ads live up to customers expectations of always having service etc.

However, as far as their technical support goes boy do they give their customers the run around! As soon as your phone breaks (even if you do have a protection plan)you are almost always shelling out money to get the stupid thing fixed, and boy is it aggregating.

Also, Verizon tends to not let their customers be aware of when they are eligible for free upgrades, in fact I have been told by Verizon that they don't have to tell us unless we ask! What kind of service is that? They don't feel the need to tell their loyal customers when they are entitled to a new phone? This very case happened to me after 2+ years of having the same phone, wondering when I was eligible to upgrade. It just so happened that one day my phone broke in September and when I went there they told me I had be eligible since June. Needless to say, like everybody else waiting in their customer service line, I was really annoyed and frustrated with their customer service.

Anonymous said...

I recently switched to Verizon, mostly because they had the phones me and my son wanted. My service has been horrible.

First of all I was charged for many items I was not informed of, including activation fees for both phones. I was also charged $9.99 per month for the second phone on our family plan, even though this was not made clear to me by the salesman or in the literature they provided. I was also charged $10 a month for text messaging on EACH phone, even though it was told to me that would be the entire cost for BOTH phones on our family plan.

If this wasn't bad enough, I get horrible coverage. My son and I both roam in our apartment, and my son roams at his friend's houses too. I was told by their tech support that Verizon doesn't guarantee coverage inside any structure and I should stand by my window to make phone calls. I was also told that there is limited coverage in the neighborhood where I live and they don't plan to upgrade the service any time soon, if ever.

After much complaining to supervisors I finally got them agree to let me out of my contract, and I tell you, I can't leave soon enough.

Bek said...

Throughout my friends and I, we are pretty much split 50/50 Verizon and Cingluar. I've heard many good things specifically about Verizons cell phone service from its users, but I still hold strong and remain loyal to Cingular. As I was reading this post and it's comments, I was not surprised by the positive notes. But when the negatives started popping up, I noticed that I identified with them much more and it was those posts that really cemented my perception of Verizon. I think this is a testament to the power of negative buzz. There is a quote out there: "The bad stuff is always easier to believe." (I think thats actually from Pretty Woman... embarrassing.) BUT, it holds true. We had an entire class on how to handle negative buzz and how important it was to learn how to best deal with that type of situation. I think it was really neat to see the two types of buzz, positive and negative, juxtaposed fighting for the most influential spot.

kenw said...

This is WOM at work. Just look at the people who have come forawrd to support this post. By the way, I'm also a Verizon customer and I love the service. More importantly, though, your post is illustrating how the online community can foster PWOM. If this were a regular blog, we would be upping Verizon's Google search value right now. This free flow of ideas is what I love so much about word-of-mouth...and Verizon didn't even have to do anything!