Thursday, May 11, 2006

Class 3 Agenda: Overview of WOM Industry Companies & WOMMA Terminology Framework

03; Overview of WOM Industry Companies & WOMMA Terminology Framework (Thursday)

Learning Objective(s):
• Apply WOMMA terminology framework to characterize an organized WOMM program
• Demonstrate understanding of key issues surrounding the WOMM industry

Readings for This Class:
• Word of Mouth Marketing Association Terminology Framework. WOMMA. 2005. (Bb)
• Suggested Reading: Word-of-Mouth Marketing Priorities for 2006. Peter Kim & Charlene Li. 2006. (Bb)

• WOMMA Terminology Framework

• Pick up from last class about key challenges and priorities for WOMM industry
o Also take questions on any of the readings
Activity: Applying WOMMA Terminology Framework to Organized WOM Marketing Program
• Assign WOM Diary
o Sign-up for 4-digit IDs.

To Do (for next class):
• Continue research on your organized WOMM programs
• Readings:
o Part One of The Anatomy of Buzz. Emanuel Rosen. 2000. Pages 2-99 (AOB)
o Suggested Reading: Where’s Debbie? How Consumers Influence Each Other and Practical Steps Brands Can Take to Understand and Harness Word of Mouth. MediaLab. 2004. (Bb)
o Suggested Reading: The Firm’s Management of Social Interactions. David Godes et al. Marketing Letters, 16(3/4), pp. 415-438. 2005. (Bb)


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