Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Class 9 Agenda: Influentials: Fact, Fiction, Or Cultural Narrative?

09; Influentials: Fact, Fiction, Or Cultural Narrative? (Tuesday)

Learning Objective(s):

• To distinguish among social influentials, category influentials, and brand influentials.
• How to apply market research insights on influential to strategic WOM marketing programs

Readings for This Class:

• The Influentials: Introduction. Ed Keller & Jon Berry. Pages 1-25. (Bb)
• People Who Influence People: Criticism and Modifications. Gabriel Weimann. 1994. Pages 239-254. (Bb)
• Suggested Reading: The Influentials: Developing an Influential Strategy. Ed Keller & Jon Berry. Pages 279-340. (Bb)
• Suggested Reading: People Who Influence People: Opinion Leaders in Marketing. Gabriel Weimann. 1994. Pages 109-138. (Bb)
• Suggested Reading: Grapevine: Chapter 5: The Myth of the Influentials. Dave Balter & John Butman. Pages 91-111. (Bb)

• Guest Lecture

• Guest Lecture: Brad Fay, The Keller Fay Group

To Do (for next class):
• No Readings
• Prepare for Evaluating Organized WOMM Program report and presentations


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