Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back In Business: Syllabus for CMNU914: Word of Mouth, Buzz, and Viral Marketing Communication

At long last the syllabus is complete! It's a lot of work to design a class from scratch, especially when it's for a topic that is so new and dynamic, but I'm excited about what we're going to cover.

The enrollment in the course is strong. It now stands at 21, which is quite good for a summer course that wasn't added in time for the course catalog. So of course we built enrollment through word-of-mouth.

For the first few students who signed up I sent them an e-mail explaining that the course was new and that we needed to reach a certain number (10) to be able to offer the course. I invited them via e-mail to tell their friends who they thought might be interested.

I also used some other standard marketing strategies for academic courses: a flyer we posted on the walls in the main office and an e-mail blast announcement to the students.

But the momentum really picked up after my public lecture and my presentation to a student club. These presentations served as a sneak preview of the class and I got a lot of great feedback on them. I'm told by my faculty colleagues and students that this built some nice buzz for the course, and now we're good to go.

The first class is next Thursday, May 11th (CORRECTION: TUESDAY, MAY 9TH). Check out the near-final draft of the syllabus!


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