Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Class 1 Agenda: Introduction

Here is the agenda for the first class today. I'll post these so that people who want to follow the class but can't attend (or were absent) can see what we're up to each day. Links to handouts or PowerPoint presentations will also be provided as relevant. We had 17 students enrolled in the class and all were in attendance!

01; Introduction (Tuesday)

Learning Objective(s):
• Identify factors contributing to the recent resurgence in WOM;
• Articulate how WOM is both a set of activities and a larger philosophy;

Readings for This Class:
• None


• Take roll

• Take out a sheet of paper. How did you learn about this class? Poll students.
o If that person heard it from someone else, how did they learn about it?
- Illustrate networks and pass-along.
o Why did that person tell you?
- Illustrate why we are motivated to engage in WOM.

PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction to WOM & CGM

• Pass out syllabus

• Go over assignments

• Assign Evaluate Organized WOM Program & Company Project
o Brains on Fire (Program: Rage Against the Haze)
o BzzAgent (Program: Radica Games' 20Q)
o Church of the Customer (Program: Discovery Educator Network)
o Matchstick (Program: Wine Council of Ontario's VQA)
o M80 (Program: Family Guy)

To Do (for next class):

• Visit WOMMA website, subscribe to WOMNIBUS, etc.

• Reflect on your groups and which program you want to analyze. Visit class blog post.

• Read:

o WOM 101. Word of Mouth Marketing Association. 2005. (Blackboard)
o Consumer Generated Media (CGM) 101: Word-of-Mouth In the Age of the Web-Fortified Consumer. Pete Blackshaw and Mike Nazarro. 2004. (Blackboard)
o Introduction and Summary. Paul Marsden. 2006. Pages xv – xxxv. (Connected Marketing; also available on Blackboard if you don’t have the book yet)


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