Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Class 6 Agenda: Evaluating WOMM Programs

06; Evaluating WOMM Programs (Wednesday)

Learning Objective(s):

· To articulate three principles to explain social epidemics
· To articulate two WOM principles to explain the effectiveness of seeding trials
· To contemplate the ethics of seeding trials in the name of “research”

Readings for This Class:

· Connected Marketing Practice: Seed to spread: how seeding trials ignite epidemics of demand. Marsden. 2006. Pages 3-23. (CM or Bb)


· Tipping Point principles of social epidemics
· Explanations for effectiveness of seeding trials
· Methods of identifying opinion leaders
· 10-point checklist for creating seeding trials


· PPT Lecture: Evaluating WOM Programs
· Activity: Create Your Own Seeding Trial
· Discussion: Do seeding trials truly empower consumers? Is it ethical to call seeding trials “research”?

To Do (for next class):

· Viral Marketing. Justin Kirby. Pages 87-106 (CM)
· Changing the Game. Steve Curran. 2006. Pages 129-147. (CM)
· Suggested Reading: Online opinion leaders: a predictive guide for viral marketing campaigns. Idil Cakim. 2006. Pages 107-118. (CM)


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