Friday, January 12, 2007

Comment from McChronicles on My Citizen Marketer Post

I recently posted a review of the book Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message on WOM Communication Study blog that we'll be discussing in class today. I received a comment from McChronicles about the post (I had mentioned that blog in my post), but it was deleted inadvertently when I re-enabled Haloscan commenting (in my switch from the old version of Blogger to the new version).

Anyway, I re-posted the comment and now want to reply to McChronicles since McChronicles is an anonymous blogger (I wasn't sure how else to get in contact; see page 11 of Citizen Marketers for details):

Hi McChronicles,

Thanks for the comment on my blog and for the offer to contribute to the class (which is at

We'll be discussing the first few chapters of Citizen Marketers today in class so I'll ask the students if they have any questions for you. I have a couple questions for you. Should I send them to you in an e-mail message, or should I post them to my class blog and then have you respond to them as comments to the post?




One of my questions concerns how McDonald's has responded to your efforts. What do you think they have done well and what do you think they could do better? What type of response are you looking for from them, if any?

Thank you for reaching out!