Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Class 4 Agenda: Overview of WOM Programs & Techniques

Learning Objective(s):

  • Trace the history of academic and popular press ideas that inform the current WOM, buzz, and viral marketing industry.
  • Identify various models of WOM used in academic research and industry practice.

Readings for This Class:

  • Word of Mouth: What We Really Know – And Don’t. Greg Nyilasy. 2006. Pages 161-184. (CM).
  • Word of Mouth Marketing Association Terminology Framework. WOMMA. 2005. (Bb)



  • [Finish up with student-generated questions about Citizen Marketers].
  • Get update on organized WOMM programs
  • Get update on Blogger and Bloglines registration
  • Lecture on academic history of WOM research, organized by elements of WOMMA Terminology Framework

To Do (for next class):

  • Continue research on your organized WOMM programs
  • Readings:
  • We’ll have Kate Flanagan come in to work with us on an activity to develop a WOM program for advising students at NU.