Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Class 7 Agenda: Programs & Techniques: Buzz & Viral Marketing

07; Programs & Techniques: Buzz & Viral Marketing

Learning Objective(s):

  • To distinguish WOM, buzz, and viral marketing communication
  • To distinguish between generating buzz and cultivating advocacy
  • To identify the differences between “better targeting” of a message and “connected marketing” (see p. 139)
  • To understand principles behind viral marketing
  • To understand how viral marketing campaigns are executed
  • To identify and leverage a “hot button” issue

Readings for This Class:

· Viral Marketing. Justin Kirby. Pages 87-106 (CM)

· Changing the Game. Steve Curran. 2006. Pages 129-147. (CM)

· Suggested Reading: Online opinion leaders: a predictive guide for viral marketing campaigns. Idil Cakim. 2006. Pages 107-118. (CM)

Content & Activities:

  • Guest Lecture: Steve Curran & Jessica Morris, Pod Design
    • Bio: Steve is the founder and creative director at Pod Design. His viral marketing campaigns have won numerous awards including Marketing Sherpa’s Best Viral Ad of 2006 Award for is Paparazzi campaign for Peerflix, the peer-to-peer DVD trading site. His work has also been talked about in the NY Times, WSJ, Adweek, Brandweek, CNN Money and NBC News. Before Pod he was co-founder and creative director at e-tractions, a Boston based online promotions company. As VP/Creative Director of Gametek he was responsible for a number of best-selling titles for Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Playstation. He is also the author of two books on motion graphics and convergence design.
    • Bio: Jessica Morris has a background in public relations and new media technology. Her master’s degree is in Public Relations from Boston University and she specializes in online communication and its effect on today’s marketing techniques.

To Do (for next class):

  • Readings:
    • The Influentials: Introduction. Ed Keller & Jon Berry. Pages 1-25. (Bb)
    • Seed to spread: how seeding trials ignite epidemics of demand. Marsden. 2006. Pages 3-23. (CM or Bb)
    • Suggested Reading: People Who Influence People: Opinion Leaders in Marketing. Gabriel Weimann. 1994. Pages 109-138. (Bb)
    • Suggested Reading: People Who Influence People: Criticism and Modifications. Gabriel Weimann. 1994. Pages 239-254. (Bb)
    • Suggested Reading: The Influentials: Developing an Influential Strategy. Ed Keller & Jon Berry. Pages 279-340. (Bb)