Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Class 9 Agenda: Programs & Techniques: Cultivating Loyalty & Advocacy

Learning Objective(s):
  • Identify six tenets of customer evangelism
  • Apply six tenets to case study analysis
  • To identify opportunities of challenges of the Net Promoter Score as a
    metric for measuring loyalty and advocacy

Readings for This Class:

Content & Activities:

  • Finish up from last class: Activity on Creating Your Own Product Seeding Program
  • Power Point:
    • Practitioner Framework for Cultivating Loyalty and Advocacy: Six tenets of customer evangelism
    • Industry Measurement of Loyalty and Advocacy: Net Promoter Score as an Organizational Discipline.
      • Overview of NPS
      • How companies are integrating the process into organizations
      • Critiques of the NPS

To Do (for next class):

  • Readings:
    • Blog Marketing. Andrew Corcoran, Paul Marsden, Thomas Zorbach, & Bernd Röthlingshöfer. 2006. Pages 148-158. (CM)
    • Understanding Blogs and Private Communities. Communispace White Paper. 2005. Pages 1-8 (Bb)
    • What Companies Gain from Listening: The Effect of Community Membership on Members’ Attitudes and Behavior in Relation to the Sponsoring Company. Communispace White Paper. 2006. Pages 1-11 (Bb)
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1 comment:

Amy Madsen said...

Sounds like an exciting agenda!

For some real life case studies of Net Promoter in action, I'd like to highlight the Net Promoter Conference blog - one of the bloggers is Andy Sernovitz from WOMMA.

Here's the Conference blog: http://netpromoter.typepad.com/npc2007/

Fred Reichheld has a Net Promoter blog as well: http://netpromoter.typepad.com/fred_reichheld/