Friday, February 02, 2007

Class 8 Agenda: Programs & Techniques: Influencers & Product Seeding

08; Programs & Techniques: Influencers & Product Seeding

Learning Objective(s):

  • To articulate two WOM principles to explain the effectiveness of seeding trials
  • To identify multiple ways of identifying influencers

Readings for This Class:

  • The Influentials: Introduction. Ed Keller & Jon Berry. Pages 1-25. (Bb)
  • Seed to spread: how seeding trials ignite epidemics of demand. Marsden. 2006. Pages 3-23. (CM or Bb)

Content & Activities:

  • Take questions from our past two guest lectures on:
    • Monitoring and tracking WOM
      • DIY solutions of tracking online WOM
      • Survey-based versus online CGM tracking
    • Viral and buzz marketing
      • Generating buzz versus cultivating advocacy
  • PowerPoint: Presentation and Activity on Influencer Marketing and Product Seeding

To Do (for next class):

  • Readings:
    • The Customer Evangelism Manifesto. Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba. 2003. Pages 1-20. (Bb)
    • Chapter 12: The New Mavericks of Marketing. Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba. 2003. Pages 123-138. (Bb)
    • The One Number You Need to Grow. Frederick Reicheld. Harvard Business Review. 2003. Pages 1-10. (Bb).
    • Suggested Reading: Creating Brand Advocates. Steve Rusticus. 2006. Pages 47-58. (CM)
    • Suggested Reading: Advocacy Drives Growth. London School of Economics. Brand Strategy. 2005. Pages 1-9 (Bb)
    • Suggested Reading: Executive Summary of “A Longitudinal Examination of ‘Net Promoter’ on Firm Growth.” Tim Keiningham, Bruce Cooil, Tor Wallin Andreassen, & Lerzan Aksoy. 2006. Pages 1-6 (Bb)


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