Friday, March 02, 2007

Class 16 Agenda: Living in a Branded Society: Societal and Ethical Effects of WOM

Learning Objective(s):
  • Distinguish between ethical and unethical WOM practices;

Readings for This Class:

· Sales Pitch Society II. Kate Kaye. 2006. Pages 1-42. (Bb)

· Suggested Reading: Live Buzz Marketing. Justin Foxton. 2006. Pages 24-46. (CM)

· Suggested Reading: To Tell Or Not To Tell? Assessing the Practical Effects of Disclosure for Word-of-Mouth Marketing Agents and Their Conversational Partners. Walter J. Carl. 2006. Pages 1-34. (Bb)

· Suggested Reading: Stealth Marketing: How To Reach Consumers Surreptitiously. Andrew M. Kaikati and Jack G. Kaikati. 2004. California Management Review, 46(4), pp. 6-22. (Bb)

Content & Activities:

· Debrief Dave Balter’s visit

· Review findings of To Tell Or Not To Tell? report

· Discuss Kate Kaye’s piece on Sales Pitch Society II

· Group meeting time

To Do (for next class):

· EWOMP Paper Revisions Due for Tuesday after spring break

· Should have update on research done thus far for client project

· Readings

o! The Use of the Internet in Negative Consumer-to-Consumer Articulations. Ainsworth Anthony Bailey. Journal of Marketing Communications, 10, 169-182. 2004. (Bb)

o Chapter 13 of Naked Conversations: Blogging in a Crisis. Robert Scoble & Shel Israel. 2006. Pages 197-208. (Bb)

o Suggested Reading: Chapter 7: The Weird Value of Negativity. Dave Balter & John Butman. 2005. Pages 141-164. (Bb)


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