Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Creating Assignments to Fulfill Learning Objectives for the WOM Marketing Communication Course

I've got my learning objectives now. I can also visually see how much time I have. I've got the topics I want to cover. Now I develop assignments that will create opportunities for the students to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and skills we're covering. Here's what I have so far, in summary form:

Word of Mouth Marketing Company Research Project – 10% The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about particular WOMM companies, the types of services they provide, their clients, the backgrounds of the principals, and the WOM concepts and principles that inform their business practice and methodology. You will be required to use at least three sources in your research (for example, internet and/or library searches, interviews, company documents, etc.). Your inquiry will result in an essay of approximately 1500 words.

WOM Communication Diary and Reflection Essay – 10% The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your own WOM practices. Select [X] WOM episodes over a two-week period of time. Complete the Word-of-Mouth Episode Survey online. Write a reflection essay of approximately 1000 words noting patterns in your own behavior and perceptions of WOM communication episodes.

WOM Book Summary Report – 15%
Select a popular press book written on WOM, buzz, or viral marketing communication (see suggested list on assignment sheet). Select two chapters from one of these books and review them, drawing upon course concepts to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. The report should focus on how principles or insights can be applied to the final capstone assignment. In addition to the report you will make a brief presentation to the rest of the class summarizing your review.

Designing Organized WOM Program (Capstone Assignment) – 30% The purpose of this capstone assignment is to pull together all the principles and skills that you have learned in the class. You will work in teams to custom-design a WOM program for a client that has a clear WOM, buzz, and/or viral component. You will prepare a written proposal and present that proposal to the client in class as part of a team presentation.

Final Exam – 15% [Likely to be a combination of matching, multiple choice, short essay, and a longer essay component.]

Course Blog Participation – 10% Starting with Class X and running until the end of the term, students must create at least three (3) unique blog posts and must have at least 10 comments to other people’s posts. The content of the posts should be about your experience in the course, and commentary on the readings and concepts. All blogging activity will need to conform to the Course Blogging Guidelines (distributed in class). Assessment will be based on students’ participation in the course blog, with the twin goals of making unique contributions, as well as referencing and building off of each others’ ideas. Students should also follow blogs devoted to WOMM and should post a minimum of three (3) comments on those blogs (students will print out their comments and turn them in). [[NOTE: Does requiring blog participation go against the nature of blogging? Should this be optional?]]

In-Class Participation & Attendance – 10%
This portion of your grade includes contributions for in-class discussion, in-class activities, attendance, homework assignments, listening responsiveness, case studies, etc.

If you were taking this course, what assignments and projects would you like to participate in?


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