Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You Tube and the Power of CGM

The power of consumer generated media was widely used and explained in class and, in my opinion, very well oriented into aspects of several of the NU Alumni and NU Athletics projects we wrapped up today. I came across an article today that I felt articulated the power of CGM in creating what I would call "amateur celebrities." My personal definition of this would be along the lines of making the average Joe a celebrity for no distinct reason other than the fact that they created a popular piece of CGM. I wrote my first blog on two guys who are currently becoming increasingly popular due to their self promotion through their websites and blogs. CGM is taking that to the next level. I am beginning to feel like a CGM is worth a thousand blogs - to borrow from an old phrase. You Tube is increasingly becoming a premiere venue for CGM and it is clearly articulated through the Dancing "It Boy" article linked above.

Judson Laipply never expected that his joke of a video would wind up giving him all the popularity that has ensued. As a motivational speaker, he admits that his piece of CGM has given him the chance to make career moves, although he remains skeptical. The point I have grasped from all this, however, is that no matter what happens, people have clung to this little piece of CGM for a reason. It was not thrown at them, it was not pushed in anyones face, but merely sent around the internet and winding up on You Tube because people accepted it. This kind of self-promotion marketing, whether intentionally or unintentional, is something I questioned in that very first blog. I am very pleased to see that while no one commented on the original posting with their ideas (I think we were still getting acquainted to the blogging system) I was able to complete this course and come up with an answer of my own. So I'll finish my last blog post with a simile for everyone - CGM is like TV for WOM.



Hillary said...

Haha, good post! I read the article on Laipply that you provided as a link in your blog. He is quite an interesting guy. To think someone can be successful simply by dancing up a storm and not giving a care in the world. He gives the phrase "Dance like nobody's watching" a whole new meaning! I wish I had thought of this considering I manage to make a fool of myself while dancing around in my room too! (and I know I am not along on this one)

Interesting correlation you made at the end there about how CGM is like TV for WOM. I had to think about it for a minute but I agree with you. It's like we (the average people) are taking over...pretty cool to think about.

somerso said...

Even before your post, I've been obsessed with this video. Your point is definitly well made. I learned about it from a family member in an email and have since showed it to absolutely everyone I can get in front of a computer to watch it. I even took the playlist and used it for a Spin class (hey it gets you movin!)...

Also, I think you make a good observation that CGM is almost a tool for WOM. In our last group projects my group actually used CGM components to help spread WOM and make our program more personalized in our grassroots movement.

Jesols said...

Interesting post! I was actually shown that video at one of my group meetings for this class, because one of my group members was obsessed. Just goes to show you how fast WOM travels and is all inter-connected somehow.

I agree with your last comment completely. My group focused a large part of our project around the notion of consumer generated media. I really do believe that when consumers have a chance to actually create their own message about a product, there is a unique sense of ownership that makes that message all the more powerful and in turn the cosumers propensity to spread the message will increase.