Sunday, June 25, 2006


TrueMajority was founded by Ben Cohen, Co-founder, Ben and Jerry's. It is a grassroots education and advocacy project of Priorities, Inc., a non-profit, non-partisan, tax-deductible, 501(c)(3) corporation.

One of the few organizations I really admire, TrueMajority has my basic human interest at heart. I can’t help but spread the word for this truly amazing grassroots movment

Their 10 Principles
1. Attack poverty and world hunger as if our life depends on it. It does.
2. Champion the rights of every child, woman & man.
3. End our obstructionism to the world's treaties.
4. Reduce our dependence on oil and lead the world to an age of renewable energy.
5. Close the book on the Cold War and ease the nuclear nightmare.
6. Renounce Star Wars and the militarization of space.
7. Make globalization work for, not against, working people.
8. Ensure equal treatment under law for all.
9. Get money out of politics.
10. Close the gap between rich and poor kids at home.

They also have some great viral flash videos that really demonstrate, in an easy to understand format, the problems facing our country. If you trust in these principals and “oreos” then join and take action



Hillary said...

Dave, GREAT blog! I think very highly of Mr. Cohen as I did an advertising project on Ben and Jerry's for my last semester's advertising class. I chose their ice cream franchise because of all the charity work they do and how they use completely recycled products, right down to the tile of the floor in their ice cream shops. I think both of the guys (Ben and Jerry) have a great mindset when it comes to taking small as well as large steps in preserving the world and making it a more liberal and fair place for all to live. I did not however know about this organization founded by Mr. Cohen. Just shows you how busy those two are and how progressive they are which makes me happy to hear!

Bek said...

Dave, great post and great find. I had no idea about this organization but, HOW COOL! And hillarious! I think the video is very clever in using the Oreo analogy (something so sweet and innocent, a part of American nostalgia.) It really does make it's point quite effectively. There were some seriously interesting facts on there that I had no idea about. Love that this is a grassroots movement and that they employ some cool WOM principles (viral video, send it to a friend..) Plus, who doesn't love the Ben and Jerry's guys?

R U S S said...

Nice post!

I recently posted on world hunger.
You might be interested.

b blessed