Monday, June 26, 2006


--> So what does one do in the face of a deadline? Well, in my case, I've decided to reflect on the experiences we have shared as members of this class. Hopefully this post will be valueable despite the stink of procrastination. Here we go...

I'd like to begin by saying that I have truly enjoyed our lectures, readings, and projects. Despite the large workload and truncated semester, I think this has been an incredibly valueable experience. Here is a taste of what I liked best:

-Lectures: Always well-organized, well thought-out, and accesible. Very well done to Dr. Carl and Jen.

-Readings: A lot of them were lengthy, but the content was almost always useful for my own understanding of class topics.

-Projects: The most useful aspect of the course by far. I haven't had more beneficial and applicable work in any of my classes so far.

-Discsussions: The in-class perspectives offered were almost always insightful, with Dr. Carl directing our comments in a way that always led us back to the major topic at hand.

And now for the negative:

-Semester length: We've all said it--this class needs to be offered during a full semester so students can get everything we need to out of materials. Despite this, I think we all managed to come away with new information we can use during our careers.

-There should be more discussion of (and research regarding) the potential WOM has to foster change outside of the consumer products sphere.

I don't really have much more to say about improvements. For a new course about an emerging topic, I think it was very well put together and I know that I gained some very valuable experience. I personally plan on looking into WOM as school ends and the career world approaches.

Thanks again to Dr. Carl and Jen for a great experience. I hope that everyone in class got as much out of our time together as I did, and I hope that other in the field take note of the fact that this topic is one that should be taught in any marketing or communications-focused curriculum. I'm just glad that we got to do it first.

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Kennie Swanson said...

I second your post Ken, this class has been one of the best I've taken at Northeastern thus far, and I really feel that everyone involved made it that much more special. Awwwwwweee. But really, the experience has been very valuable, and I look forward to bringing these teachings into real practice in my future career path. I think your thought about WOM in venues other than consumer products would be a very interesting topic to explore more in depth. I mean, we have seen it used in politics, and issues such as teen smoking, but how can WOM be used to further change the world?