Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Music!

One of the main components of the music industry is word-of-mouth. With this class, I have been able to learn about several different types of WOM, and it is instinctual for me to try to apply these concepts to the music industry.

One particular website that I have found within the last year, Pandora, allows for fans to learn about other artists that are similar to music they already like. This site allows for you to enter in an artist’s name that you like, and then a playlist will be generated by the website. The list begins with a song by the artist you typed in, and then following this song, there are several other artists that are played that have a similar sound to the original one that you are interested in. For example, when I clicked “Create A New Station” and typed in “Zero 7," a song titled, “I Have Seen” from their album “Simple Things” begins to play. Then following this song, is a song entitled “I Am” by “Lina.” When listening to the songs, I had never heard of the band "Lina," and as a result, I am able to listen to the song, rate the song, create a new station with this artist as the focal point, buy the album, and also buy the individual song. In addition, by creating the "Zero 7" station a long time ago, I received an email from Pandora telling me that "Zero 7" had released a new album and that I could go to their website and listen to it.

Not only does the website allow for music fans to become interested in other musicians that they have not heard of, but the way that I personally found out about it was through word of mouth. A friend of mine passed on the website to me, and since, I have passed it on to several other music fans that I know! From a bit of research that I have done, I did not find advertisements for the site, but have found that it has mainly just been passed on from one music fan to the next! I highly recommend this site to you if you like learning about new musicians and a site which can lead you to over 10,000 new albums!



tanyak said...

Its funny because as I was reading your second paragraph, explaining how the website works, I was thinking "I have to tell my sister about this site, she would love it." (She's a big music fanatic and always looking for new bands). And then comes the kicker, the next paragraph explaining how word of mouth really is how the website is known. It's weird how I was planning a wom unit, and that indeed is how the website circulated among music fans. Anyway, sounds like a really cool idea. Although, it makes me wonder how they choose which bands they connect to the one you type in. It's cool.

Sapphiregurl said...

Hey Towey,

I'm really glad you posted about this cause I LOVE MUSIC! I am definately going to check out this site! I think it's really cool that you can start with an artist you know and then from there it will just come up with other artists like the one you originally typed in. Thanks for passing the WOM along!

Hillary said...

This was a really cool blog as we can all relate to it because who doesn't have their own preferences to style of music!
I went to Pandora and typed in one of my favorite artists and they even categorized what type of music they were and the styles they use. It was interesting because then you could go on and listen to others similiar to the artist and you can keep clicking through til you find something you like. So if something doesn't quite appeal to you, then you can just pass. Great way to broaden your music library, thanks!

Jesols said...

Ironically, as I was reading your post, one of my best friends (whose obesessed with music) was reading over my shoulder. She just went to the site and is still playing with it right now. I didn't even have to verbally pass on the did it for me! Thanks!

DietPepsi said...

Hey.. Really cool site.There is an entire blog section too, something which relates to our WOM class.

I thought this sentence of the paragraph was interesting, "Each friend told us their favorite artists and songs, explored the music we suggested, gave us feedback, and we in turn made new suggestions" Multiple WOM principles within that quote.

Thanks for the neat website!

Kennie Swanson said...

Hey! I checked out the site and i have to say it is pretty sweeeet. I am always in search for new music and this is a great way for anyone to browse through different bands or artists that fit their tastes. I agree, within the music industry, i am always either spreading word of mouth about new bands I like, or I am asking others if they have heard of anyone good lately. So, thanks for the word, I will be sure to use it!

FrankBenway said...

This has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen online in a while. It's certainly something that, since clicking on the link a little while ago, I've already become addicted to. I hope that this will let me expand some of the music that I listen to. Although I work as a DJ, in my personal life I can be pretty close-minded when it comes to listening to new artists and songs -- Maybe Pandora will solve that.