Monday, June 26, 2006

Looking Back

So, the semester is now over. With the exception of writing final papers, exams, blog posts, etc., of course. I figured I would take this time to reflect on the experience I have had in this class over the last seven weeks, which by the way, has gone by exceptionally quickly.

This class was certainly among the most unique I took in my time here at Northeastern, being the only 'Special Topic' Class I ever took in our department. The unique and ground-breaking nature of the topic combined with Dr. Carl's enthusiasm for the subject matter definitely made it a very valuable learning experience. Among the most valuable highlights to my learning experience in this class were:
  • The Evaluating Organized WOM Marketing Campaign Assignment: This assignment, which was essentially a very interactive case study, gave our class the opportunity to not only closely study a real-life firm and campaign, but also interact with the professionals in the field who actually designed and implemented the program. For example, in our group's case, M80's Joe Muran was very accessible, helpful, and excited about helping us with our project.
  • The Developing Organized WOM Marketing Campaign Assignment: This task provided our class with the opportunity to develop a real program for a real client. As far as I'm concerned this is an incredibly valuable learning experience that is so often unique to Northeastern. Combining this type of real-world learning experience with a room full of co-op veterans creates a great opportunity for us to all really put our heads together and develop the best possible product for the client.
Wrapping up, these were just two of the bigger examples of why I found this to be an extremely valuable class. Combining that with some of the suggestions that were generated in class today will make this class (and others like it) some of the best learning experiences for NU students into the future.