Sunday, June 25, 2006

Crabby Old Lady Speaks the Truth

Originally, I learned about blogs that were used to merely record thoughts, like a diary. Then I learned about corporate blogs. Through our class discussions and blog postings, I have learned about blogs being used to spread buzz among consumers. We have studied the roles of influencers and social networks as well as buzz marketing companies who use online elements such as blogs to launch campaigns. After considering what a blog could do for the buzz of a product, I decided to search and see what's out there. I thought I would find blogs about mostly controversial issues, and I did. However, blogs seem to be flooding over into the product marketing forum. As I searched the blogosphere I stumbled across a blog called "Business Blog Consulting. This blog speaks specifically to how businesses can use blogs to communicate with consumers and market products.

On the blog there is a post called "Beauty Market Blogging" which speaks about how Revlon has made its way onto the blogosphere. A blogger named "Crabby Old Lady" has been described as expressing the the lack of quality cosmetics for older women on a blog called "Time Goes By: What It's Really Like To Get Older." The blog goes on to explain how older women wish to minimize yet products these days are made to enhance. On another post on the "Time Goes By" blog, Crabby Old Lady praises Revlon's Vital Radiance line for providing older women with the type of cosmetics they need. The author of the blog explains that this is very out of character for Crabby Old Lady who seems to do nothing more than criticize and bash products on the blog.

It seems to me as though Crabby Old Lady is a powerful influencer on this "Time Goes By" blog. After learning about buzz and word-of-mouth it would be in companies' best interests to seek out vocal evangelists like Crabby Old Lady and product seed products that are actually good. Once Crabby Old Lady got her hands on the Vital Radiance cosmetic line, she went right to the blog to express herself. The whole idea that she normally criticizes products on the blog made it that much more impressionable that she was saying something good about Revlon. As discussed on the Business Blog Consulting blog, Revlon did the right thing by listening to the consumers' wants and needs and reacting to them. I would also add that businesses should start monitoring blogs during market research to see what consumers want. This phenomenon that businesses may actually start caring what consumers want rather than pushing products at them is taking Word-of-mouth marketing by storm.


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