Friday, June 09, 2006

BzzAgent & Take5

Rather than approaching the topic of yesterday's guest lecture by discussing the controversial "cost", I will begin with my enthusiasm for what Dave Balter spoke about. After working on BzzAgent over the past month (for the WOM marketing program), I was excited to hear what Dave Balter had to say regarding the company which he created. In my opinion, the lecture far exceeded my expectations due to his openness, personality and the information which he passed along to us. What caught my attention the most was of course... none other than the fabulous Hershey's Take5 candy bar.

I actually recall being given several miniature versions of the candy bar about a year ago, enjoyed what I had eaten, but didn't think twice about the fact that I was being involved in a campaign. I was really amused by what Dave said, because he used Arnold Worldwide in his conversation. It became apparent that Arnold used BzzAgent to help promote the Take5 candy bar. Personally, I felt that BzzAgent had been slighted, especially when I looked over all of Arnold's achievements. BzzAgent helped distribute over 1.42 million candy bars, and "supported and enhanced the overall 'taste and believe' campaign". I never would have thought about candy bars in terms of having more potential than others, but it clearly makes sense. I mean, who doesn't love Twix! (even defined in Wikipedia)

In a more serious tone, I thought what Dave said about the fact that new media today doesn't have outlets was intriguing. The ways he connected commercials to the television, and audio to radio were so obvious, yet when he described today's media, I myself had trouble finding outlets.

I know several people had questions as to how to become a BzzAgent, so I thought I would make it easier for you by including the link here.

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JStephens said...

Dave Balter was definitely an interesting guy. When I think of CEOs and Presidents of companies I always think of older men, wearing suits and studying financial numbers in the luxury of their enormous office while others slave just to get him his money. Dave was the exact opposite of that. It's really cool to see such a down to earth guy running his own company. I enjoyed his lecture so much I actually went to the BzzAgent website, made my own account, and thought about joining a campaign until I saw the amazingly long survey I needed to fill out. It was also good to hear that BzzAgent hires interns, maybe that's something I'd like to do soon.

Hillary said...

I agree with this post along with Josh's comment. Dave was a totally cool guy who had a lot to say and the best thing about him to me was that he was very "transparent" in his business practices. As Prof. Carl said thursday, when you read their blog you are caught off guard by how open it is.

Dave seems to appreciate the opennes of buzz and word of mouth when it comes to his consumers which is nice. He was even willing to allow us to share a little more info than what Prof. Carl felt comfortable with haha! Definately a quality guy with a lot of creativity and a modern sense of the business world.

tanyak said...

Dave Balter was my favorite guest speaker so far. His lecture was engaging, interesting, and funny. After class I was so excited by the lecture, that I went to the BzzAgent website and signed up to be a BzzAgent.

Interning at BzzAgent is definately something I'd be interested in trying. The company, as represented by Dave, looks fun to work for and has a lot to offer in the way of amounts to learn.

Anyway, the lecture was my favorite and I thoroughly enjoyed that class. And, I love Take5 candy bars! They've been my favorite for a while now.

lsolomon said...

To me, the guest speakers just get better and better. When you think of someone who created and owns his own business you probably think of a boring, pretentious person, but I think that Dave was just the opposite. He had a great personality and was actually funny and interesting. His policy about being open about everything, even money, was refreshing in a way; not a lot of companies are willing to show us everything. Just like in two of the former comments before, this is definately a company I would love to intern with.

NUlax17 said...

Not only was he personable like everyone has been saying, but I also think his choice of topics were relevant and reinforcing to what we discuss during normal class days and lectures. He really catered to what the class means and is looking for in a guest speaker. I interviewed with BzzAgent for my co-op last Spring and at the time didn't fully understand what they did. It was a small office in South Boston with only a few people. To hear what it is now not only tells alot about how Dave runs his company, but also how WOM has become even bigger over the last year or two.

KERandall said...

I think as a class we can agree that Dave Balter was a very entertaining AND informative presenter. After doing a dry run of my client presentations today I had to face the harsh reality that it's time to step-up my presentation skills. I will definitely reflect on Dave's "performance" as a model for my own. With regards to the Take 5 candy discussion... I agree with the fact that many times we will be given a sample and just try it without knowing what it is. In fact, yesterday I was eating in the outdoor patio of Au Bon Pain when an employee offered me a sample. The woman had a very thick accent and we didn't know what we were drinking. However, it was hot out and the drink was cold so we agreed it was good! I'll forever be wondering what it was I drank that day... I guess I can't "spread the word."

I think a good lesson here is that one can run a WOM campaign and go through the "motions." However, each and every detail is as important as the next.