Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Biggest WOM Event Ever

We have all become very familiar with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) over the duration of our course. Recently they held the biggest WOM event ever in the history of mankind over in San Francisco. I thought it would a great post to just overview some of the great happenings in WOM marketing that occurred at this conference. The conference was held last week from June 20th-21st, and it featured presentations from leading WOM moguls in the field such as Robert Scobel and Shel Israel (authors of Naked Conversations), Jackie Huba (Creating Customer Evangelists), Ed Keller (The Influentials), and Emmanuel Rosen (Connected Marketing). Also, the event had tons of how - to workshops on building WOM programs along with the many other parts of WOM marketing that we have covered in class. Furthermore, 16 case studies from top companies were presented to illustrate the effectiveness WOM has had in the past year. In addition I thought it was interesting to see that some of the sponsors included, Brains on Fire and Cymphony.

Robert Scobel and Shel Israel lead the much anticipated keynote address, and as you can imagine, they included their two cents about WOM and in particular, blogging. They concluded their presentation by saying, the "dawn of blogging was fostered by the building of the social network and build tools, the Enron backlash, and a dissatisfaction with what they called committee based marketing" (WOMBAT Blog). From reading the WOMBAT, it seems like "The Biggest WOM Event Ever" went pretty well, and it has received a lot of positive feedback. I think WOMMA has served a great purpose to unite professionals using WOM marketing, and help the field to reach higher levels. Also, our own Dr. Carl has certainly had a terrific impact on WOM by teaching this insightful class (among his countless other works). I wish we could have taken the field trip to city by the bay, but regardless we have had some great experiences with the superb speakers that have visited our class and the projects we have completed. Congratulations to all of us!! WAHOOOOOO! Have a great summer everyone!



ericrocksmyworld said...

In my opinion, probably the coolest thing about this class was that we really got to interact with some of the most influential people in the industry. In music classes, you don't get to interact with Mozart, Bach, or Bjork, but in our class, we really learned from the best. Like Kennie said, Dr. Carl is clearly a leader in the field. In addition to him, our class got to interact on some level with Jackie Huba, Brains on Fire, Cymphony, and so many other key people in the industry. This event just spotlights the quality of the speakers and participants who helped our class.

JStephens said...

Yeah I got the email from WOMMA about this "biggest WOM event ever." I didn't really look too much into it due to the endless amounts of other work I had, but it definitely caught my attention. Thanks Kennie for filling us in on what happened. It's pretty cool to see that we have gotten people to speak to our class that actually give speeches at these large WOM events. Even though it was Ed Keller who spoke at the WOM event, we still got to hear from his right hand man, Brad Fay, in class. It's really unique to see how everything we learn in class ties into how the WOM industry actually is being run.

DietPepsi said...

Too bad we couldn't attend this, you know, have a little student perspective going on! At least our professor could have attended or something! Anyways, eventually i'm sure someone from our WOM class will get there. Our conversations were always so interesting with most people participating, it really seems some students will go down the WOM direction.

FrankBenway said...

Seeing events like this going on really illustrate how new and ground-breaking the whole WOM field is. However, they also show us how much bigger and bigger the field is getting, and really gives the sense that this form of marketing will become more and more mainstream over the years to come. That said, it definitely feels good for us to be in on this whole thing so early in its development. It gives all of us a great advantage going forward in this constantly developing marketplace.