Friday, May 12, 2006

you know what really grinds my gears

I just started reading The Anatomy of Buzz by Emanuel Rosen and I found it quite interesting. The Bogsphere turns the Internet into a truly two-way medium giving a voice to everyone that takes the time to find the right place to leave the right message. One of the parts in Anatomy of Buzz gave evidence to the fact people communicate a bad experience to more people then a good experience. In keeping with that id like to share two organizations that give me bad experiences everyday. These are also two organizations make me feel powerless as an individual.

Bank of America

I had been a very satisfied Fleet customer; they never caused any errors also making the banking experience quick and painless. Over the months during the switchover I never had any problems. Now I can say in the last fourteen months Bank of America has lost three large cash deposits. Between my roommates I am the one that always collects rent so being last minute, as most college kids are, I always end up with my roommates money late into the month and have to get it into my account so the check will clear. On all three occasions the money was never put into my account until I called many times over, one time I had to fax my receipt to someone that was doing an investigation. I know many other people who tell me horror stories just like mine. The reason I stay…. They are everywhere.


I also have been reading about the proposed increase in fares. The only thing I can think is how do they expect me to pay more for such lousy service. I am always late everywhere I go, even when I leave plenty of time for MBTA. I wonder what it would cost if the MBTA was mostly government subsidized. They would give passes to all Boston residents and only charge tourists. I know there are a lot of problems but I think it would work and at the same time encourage people to use public transportation.

One last shout out to my brothers Blog popbytes chillen over on the west coast.



John Cass said...

Your post reminded me of an interview I conducted with Mary Beth Weber about the validity of blogging research.

Mary Beth said, “I think if someone is going to blog about a company or product, they will have had either an exceptionally good experience or an exceptionally bad experience. So if you are listening to customer bloggers you may think you have more problems than good, as typically people are more motivated to express their bad experiences.”

Companies have to be cautious when evaluating online data, does it represent a valid overview of their audience?

ericrocksmyworld said...

I too am mad about the raise. I would be one thing is it was legitimate, but there is no need for it. The MBTA is phasing out its employees with these Charlie Pass machine. And since they've been implemented, I've seen countless people cheating to get free rides. All you have to do is have someone exit the station, and you can sneak in while the gate is open. I find it appropriate that the Charlie Passes are named for someone who cheated the MBTA.