Monday, May 29, 2006

WOM Marketing Jobs!

As a class we have had a lot of exposure to the world of WOM marketing. Through evaluating different organization's WOM marketing programs and having the opportunity to listen to some terrific guest speakers from the field, we've been able to get a good idea of some of the career paths out there for us. From my personal experience researching Brains on Fire, I felt that the company seemed like an awesome place to work! So, in thinking about something to post on our blog, I thought it would be very interesting to take a closer look at some actual job listings and resources to use in searching for careers in WOM, buzz, and viral marketing.

After searching the internet for quite some time with no luck, I finally came back to a source that had been right in front of my face the whole time, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. I know all of us have become very familiar with WOMMA from the great teachings of our very own Dr. Carl (who is also a WOMMA Advisory Board Member), but if you have not yet visited their website, I highly recommend it. The WOMMA website is very easy to use and they have great information about all the new happenings in WOM marketing, as well as a Job Board that specializes in posting jobs available in the WOM marketing industry. Although the list is not very extensive right now, I thought it was very helpful in providing a nice overview of some possible job opportunities that we may embark on in the future. The jobs range from Marketing Manager for Promotions and Buzz Marketing, to Viral Marketing Guru. Furthermore, they provide links to apply online.

There are lots of resources out there for career searching, but I thought WOMMA was a great place to get started. Who knows, maybe some of us will bump into each other a couple years down the road at a WOMMA convention. Then Dr. Carl can take us out to lunch again. I'm just kidding, by that time we will have prestigious jobs so we can take you out to lunch Dr. Carl. As we continue our studies, do any of you know of any other good resources for careers in WOM marketing?



DietPepsi said...

Just wanted to add that there are several job websites related to marketing. Since I know people are still looking for co-op, I wanted to include some of the listings which I have come across. --> American Marketing Associations main site, the job site is

Of course there are the common sites like,, and You can also look into other university programs, see where recent grads have begun working etc.

Thought this might be of help, enjoy!

couture said...

Also check out individual company websites they often have job listings or a whole section about job opportunities. I know Matchstick in particular has a link to a job opportunity page which lists what positions they are currently looking to fill and information about what jobs entail. It could definately be a useful resource when looking into WOMM jobs. Check out:
for current job postings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends ,
Nowadays the Recession is over now,so that several companies recruit Marketing jobs in India. Just post your resume and get your dream jobs soon.