Monday, May 29, 2006

Reflection on M80

M80 turned out to be a really cool company that we had to research for our buzz marketing project. It was definately cool to see how the real world companies apply to our marketing class as you can understand the topics on a whole new level. Something I definately found interesting when doing my research was when I looked at the company I saw a corporation who practiced amplified marketing. This was because of them really seeking their influencers and then pressing them to promote the word of mouth for them. As well as all of the activity that they were able to track down between members and how often they viewd the site, and even what they did when they went to it. This is using creationist word of mouth. Yet as stated in our presentation in class, the company said they considered themselves to be more of an organic word of mouth company. They say this in their website and there is a particular page on grassroots marketing they touch upon at M80. You can be the judge.

I am not sure why the company gives off this impression. Perhaps creationist word of mouth has gotten a little bit of a bad rep. This could be because evolutionist word of mouth makes people think the company is reaching out to them in good faith and that they are more interested in them as loyal customers as opposed to the good of the company alone. It is all in a matter of opinion which tactic is more effective however, as we could see in our classroom debate on May 22nd. There are advantages and disadvantages to both tactics. You could argue that M80 actually practices both of these word of mouth strategies because their original goal was to sell the DVD's through intense word of mouth. That was a goal which was accomplished mainly by short term tactics such as the Stewie My Space page, which was created to start a lot of buzz quickly. However, what ended up happening was a long term outcome which was that the show came back on the air. Just as the classroom debate concluded, you can really use both tactics, as well as you should for a successful word of mouth marketing campaign to really get far with your consumers.

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KERandall said...


I agree with you, our interview and research on M80 revealed a lot about how the marketers actually view their campaign - "organic." Maybe they just want us to believe their approach is organic? I am always skeptical of underlying intentions of "company heads." I think that maybe M80 just had a different definition of organic in mind than we did, as Dr. Carl mentioned in class. Maybe M80 meant organic, as opposed to artificial. In this sense, M80 did create real word of mouth... but it was ampliphied, it didn't emerge naturally. When we really think about it, this was probably the best tactic for something like promoting DVD sales for a show that wasn't very popular at the time.