Friday, May 19, 2006

The Key to Successful Buzz

--> Our group recently had our phone interview with our company for the WOM project, and I have to say it was a pretty exciting experience. All of our interviewee's answers were well detailed, and exactly what we needed in order to complete our project.
Two things I noticed between Steve Curran's presentation and what our interviewee had to say was that in order to have a successful campaign you have to keep the WOM natural and simple, no whistles and bells.
As a consumer, I know that I hate to being bothered by ads that are always popping up and flashing in my face. I would much rather be bombarded by subtle ads, if I had the chance to choose. I think that as consumers we are so fed up with constantly having things pushed in our faces that it actually may turn us away from a product rather than catch our interest.
WOM marketing has become a very useful, less invasive technique that seems to be working. As we recently read in "The New Mavericks of Marketing" Mark Cuban uses buzz marketing everyday to help improve satisfaction, increase sales, as well as increase their fan base. To go along with the idea of keeping things simple and natural, Cuban states that one should "make it easy and inexpensive for customers to sample your most expensive offering."
This is exactly what our company does. They make it simple and easy for people to test out products and pass along their thoughts to others, totally naturally and at little to no cost to the consumer involved. This idea has proven to work in this company's favor, without flashy ads and annoying pop-ups.

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