Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Husky dollars a pain to everyone

Anyone interested in some negative buzz? I have a problem with the system Northeastern uses that allows it's students to use their Husky cards at off-campus restaurants or sub shops. I, like a lot of people, love putting more of Dad's money on the card as a substitute for my own cash. But unless you use it at one of the on-campus food stops, like Wendy's or Pizza Hut, it can be a pain to everyone.

Case in point. The other day I went to try out that new Temptations place near BHOP. One of the things that attracted me to it was seeing that they accepted Husky Dollars. Free lunch. I go in, order a panini or something along those lines, take out my Husky card to pay, and the machine you swipe the card through isn't working. The same thing happened to me the other day at Il Mondo, a place down by Brigham Cirlce. The guy working the counter at Temptations informs me that Northeastern uses a DIAL-UP modem for the Husky Card service. Dial-up modem? I figured our $40,000 a year we pay would get us something better than dial-up. The guy tells me that the Husky machine almost never works, students come in to the joint, order, then leave without paying after finding out the dial-up modem is down again. Not only does it suck for us students, but it hurts the companies who try to offer the service. I havn't done any research to confirm it actually is dial-up, but whatever Northeastern uses just doesn't seem to work. The only places it's flawless in are the places in Marino and the student center and the places right on campus.

Like I said, it's not ALWAYS a pain, but the system could be easily improved. Upgrade to a cable or DSL modem, exchange the ancient receipt printers for some newer ones, and throw some money into a system students actually take part in.

Maybe it's a sign I should stop living off my parents, but hey, just thought I'd create a little buzz on the topic.



Sapphiregurl said...

I too just had an experience like this at our local Au Bon Pain. As
usual, I'm running late for class and I needed that extra coffee boost
to get me through the day, so to avoid long lines at Dunkin' I decided
to head over to ABP. Well after I ordered my drink and took out my
Husky card to pay, the cashier informed me that the Husky Card wasn't
working. It's such a pain when you have your mind set on getting
something you've been craving all day only to find that the card isn't
working YET again. And I too, find it frusterating that we pay $40,000
a year and they can't even get something as simple as the Husky Card to
work consistanly.

Bek said...

I saw this post...and I got excited. Because nothing makes me feel more satisfied than being able to tell NU how it is. ($40,000? yeah my tuition is over that by now..) I agree with you, JStephens, on your Husky Card aggrivation. I have a little bit of an issue with losing my ATM/debit card and when i repeatedly do this, i am left to rely on my husky card for food. (Lord knows, grocery shopping just doesn't happen.) It seems that whenever i lose my atm card, and am left without it as well as without cash, the husky system is coincidentally down. And yes, it is extremely frustrating. You would think that NU could implement a really effecient system with all of the money we pay to go here. (Personally, I'm sick of walking on the brick side walks and counting out my student loans..) It seems to me that Northeastern needs to do a little customer plus delta action with their students; NU has so many students and yet sometimes I think they forget we are here at all.