Tuesday, May 30, 2006

George Washington

Ever since the beginning of class we have been learning something that we probably have already known for most of our adult lives…that word of mouth spreads very quickly. However, I came across something recently that really shows that. I do not know how many of you are familiar with www.wheresgeorge.com, but it really proves the point. On this website, you can type in a dollars serial number and bill series and see where else it has been (as long as someone else typed it in too). Sometimes you are the first to enter it, while other times it has been all around the country. For example, one dollar traveled almost 2,000 miles in two years, starting in Virginia and ending up in Ohio. Another traveled over 5,000 miles in 1 year, starting in California and ending up in South Carolina! I think that this really shows the how quickly something can travel in a short amount of time, and how many people that you talk to are turning around and talking to someone else, then having that person take what you “said” (in this case we’re talking about dollars) and give it to yet another person.

Also, I would like to remind people of a movie that came out in 2005 called “Cry Wolf.” If you do not already know, the movie is about a group of teens that spread rumors online about a killer, making up his victims and what he did to them. However the killer began to copy what they were doing online, which made for a mediocre horror movie. This is perhaps a bizarre example, but it also shows how something can spread quickly. Today in class we were warned about what we should put on our facebook and MySpace pages. We really need to be careful with things like that because although we may mean pages like these to be viewed by our friends and fellow students, we never really know what kind of “predators” are looking at them also.



NUlax17 said...

Commenting on the last paragraph you wrote about myspace and facebook - employers are definitely looking more and more at facebook and myspace before highering prospective Northeastern co-ops. I have done it at my current job and have had friends at other co-op jobs who have had to do it as one of their day's tasks, most often before the employer decides to call someone and schedule an interview. Facebook tells alot about someone's personality, or how they want people to percieve them. Of course, everyone knows we're in college, so if you're drinking or you allude to it in words or pictures, it's not always a bad thing. However, when it's number one on your list of interests, employers might wonder about your priorities. I would definitely clean up your facebook or myspace profile while applying for jobs that way it won't potentially effect getting your foot in the door of your employer choices.

towey said...

Speaking of www.wheresgeorge.com, I recently was in a cab and when I got out I found a one dollar bill on the seat with a wheresgeorge stamp on it. So, I decided to log on and see where this bill has been. So far, it hasn't been too far but has just been about 43 miles, at least that's what has been tracked thus far. Although, I do like the feature on the website where it allows you to further track your bill, so if I were to go back to the site in a week and someone else entered information on where it was located, I could see how far it traveled!

ericrocksmyworld said...
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ericrocksmyworld said...

Responding to nulax17: I think there is a lot of focus on MySpace and Facebook, but I don't think it has to be negative. What if a student lists their activities, jobs, and has cool interests? I have been told practically since I got to college two years ago that Facebook will get me in trouble, but if we were really smart, we'd make it work for us.
But I still wouldn't have Facebook-friended you until after I applied to CSN if I had known you were in charge of checking profiles. ;)

Bek said...

oh man this whole comment just got deleted. it might be after deadline but i'm typing it agan anyway. I was tryyying to resopond to the myspace/facebook comments: I had a potential employer tell me flat out in an interview that he had looked at my facebook profile and then proceeded to tell me that the next person coming in to interview for the postion was a "friend" of mine. He said he hated when people cleaned up their profiles (as nulax17 said, we are in college, we do drink alcohol, no big surprise) and saw the resource as an interesting way to get to know the person you are about to meet before it happens. I, unfortunately, did not get the dream job, and apparently my "friend" did. I'm still looking for the comm major working at that PR firm!!!!